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PVD ZnSe Rounded & Polished Wafer Blank

Specification: Rounded & polished wafer blank, 99.99%

Appearance: Orange, Transparent

Size: Dia.12-50 mm, Thickness 2-5mm, upon demand

Unit: PC

Brand: ATS

Advantage: High quality, complete specifications, 

applied for multiple uses

Application Fields: Infrared & laser lens

Usage: Infrared & laser lens

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  • In 2001, ATS began to produce ZnSe material, main product is PVD ZnSe Wafer Blank. One of the main ZnSe manufactures in China. The diameter range of our ZnSe wafer blank is : 12-50mm, after rounded and polished, mainly applied in CO2 laser marking device.

    ZnSe Material Properties

    PVD ZnSe Wafer Blank
    Dia.12-50mmOrange Transparent
    99.99%Packed with soft paper

    Avoid exposure to sunlight & aci


    Keep dry

    Dia.&Thickness Upon demand

    Specification information

    CAS NumberDensity (g/cm3)Melting Point (oC)Refractive Index at 550nmTransparency Range (μm)Evaporation Source
    1315-09-95.2715202.580.5-22E,B(Ta, Mo)
    ApplicationsInfrared & laser lens

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    Taizhou ATS Optical Material Co., Ltd
    Address: No. 28, Zhennan Alley, Baimi Town, Jiangyan District, Taizhou City, Jiangsu Province
    TEL: +86-18052658805, 18052655285
    E-mail: sales@dmcl.cn, alesha@dmcl.cn

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