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Brief introduction of tungsten boat


Evaporated tungsten boat or coated tungsten boat is another name of tungsten boat. It is formed by high-temperature stamping of tungsten sheet. At present, it is widely used in vacuum coating industry and ship industry of sintering furnace or vacuum annealing. There are many specifications and shapes of tungsten boats. Tungsten boat is generally used in the evaporation industry. The ship parts are made of tungsten metal, and the two ends of the parts are connected by wires. The metal with low melting point is placed in the middle concave position. In the case of power on, the temperature of the tungsten boat rises to about 2000 degrees, which makes the metal evaporate into gas and be plated on the surface of the workpiece.


Tungsten boat is also widely used in resistance evaporation source. Its working method is to first make the tungsten sheet into the shape of a boat, then install it in the middle of two electrodes, add materials in the center of the boat, and then slowly electrify the electrodes. After the current passes through the boat, the boat is electrified and heated. These low voltage and high current will generate heat in the boat with high melting point, and the reheat will be transmitted to the coating material. When the heat of the boat is higher than the melting point of the coating material, then the material sublimates or evaporates. However, due to the poor density of the evaporated film, and many materials can not be evaporated in this way, so it has certain limitations. When the tungsten boat evaporates the coating material, the melting point of the material cannot be higher than that of the tungsten boat, otherwise there is no way to proceed.


Because of its good conductivity, heat conduction and high temperature resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, tungsten boat is also widely used in the electronic industry such as kinescope, mirror making, toys, home appliances, mobile phones, electrical enclosures, etc. In addition, tungsten boat has high melting point, low saturated vapor pressure and stable chemical properties, and is widely used as resistance evaporation source in vacuum evaporation coating industry. As an essential part of vacuum coating equipment, the selection of tungsten boat determines the quality of coating.

As an essential part of vacuum coating equipment, tungsten boat determines the quality of coating. ATS is a professional manufacturer of vacuum coating materials. In order to provide one-stop procurement service for customers in cooperation, ATS has been acting as an agent for other optical materials and coating accessories since 2015. Tungsten boat is one of the coating accessories, which can be customized according to the specific requirements of customers. If you have coating materials and coating accessories and other needs, welcome to discuss cooperation!